Thermoventilated ovens


Main construction features:

Use: suitable for baking, fresh bread and pre-cooked products in general; maximum cooking temperature : 300°C.

Front: in stainless steel.

External panels in stainless steel.

Door: insulated, in stainless steel, with tempered glass and flexible stainless-steel gaskets. As standard, the door opening is on the right, on request it is possible to have it on the left.

Oven: in stainless steel, lighting of the oven with halogen lamps, mounted inside the door. The oven is equipped with tray racks.

Electric heaters: stainless steel, reinforced, ring-shaped.

Electric control panel placed on the side of the oven (on the right), easily accessible for any maintenance to be performed.

Steamer: standard on all models.

Extractor hood: completely in stainless steel.

Leavening cell: in stainless steel, it can be mounted on wheels, as an option there is the possibility of having an automatic steam kit. It can be equipped with a removable tray rack.

Support stand: entirely in stainless steel, it can be equipped with tray racks and wheels.