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For your transparency we have listed below the features and warranty conditions that CIMAV offers for you

Warranty conditions

The warranty conditions that CIMAV guarantees on its products are the following:

• CIMAV s.r.l. guarantees that the ovens delivered are new and consequently free from defects in materials and / or construction and that they comply with the technical specifications and quality standards
• The warranty has a duration of twelve months from the date of shipment of the oven.
• For materials and / or parts deemed to be defective, the replacement of the same will be recognized, no type of expense related to the assistance service will be recognized, (any extra materials, board and lodging), which will be charged to the customer.
• The supply of materials under warranty is always to be considered ex works.
• The request for replacement must always reach our company in writing and must provide the following clear information:
- code and description of the piece to be replaced;
- model of the oven to which it refers;
- serial number of the oven in question;
- detailed description of the defect found.
• Materials replaced under warranty must be returned no later than 30 days. to CIMAV s.r.l., net of transport or other costs, failure to return the replaced parts within the set deadlines may result in the invoicing of the parts themselves.
• CIMAV s.r.l. reserves the right to verify the materials returned: • if during these checks it should be ascertained that the defects of the pieces are not attributable to the company, but to the customer, due to poor maintenance, incorrect use or otherwise, a regular sales invoice will be issued for the returned pieces, accompanied by a relative technical report proving the cause of the damage.
• The replacement of defective parts does not serve to extend the warranty terms of the oven in question.
• For any damage caused to the materials or spare parts during transport, as required by the laws in force, the customer or the receiver will take care of it, make a regular report to the carrier within the set terms.
• The guarantee is not to be applied in cases where the customer defaults on payments