Modular electric ovens


Main construction features:
Use: the modularity of the completely independent ovens, the possibility of superimposing the ovens (up to a maximum of 4 per model), the complete finish of each oven, are the strengths of these ovens. They are suitable for baking pastry, bread and pizza cut in squares or the traditional round pizza, in a pan or directly on the oven plate. Maximum cooking temperature : 400°.

Front: in stainless steel, with control panel on the right side of the oven, it is possible to have it on the left side on request.
The door opening handle is located on the right side of the oven, on request you can have it on the left side. Stainless steel door with inspection glass and three possibilities of different heights.
External panels in stainless steel.

Thermal Isolation: in rock wool both in panels and long fibres.

Oven: made of aluminized sheet, lighting with halogen lamps.
The oven plate is made of granite cement, with a metal mesh inside.

Electric heaters: in reinforced stainless steel,
Electric control panel is located laterally on the oven, on the right side, on request it is possible to have it on the left side or with a double thermostat.

Steamer: located in the back, and of sufficient power to satisfy any type of cooking.
The steam can be controlled manually or automatically.

Extractor hood: completely in stainless steel.

Leavening cell: in stainless steel, it can be mounted on wheels.
Optional automatic steam kit with electronic management of the percentage of steam inside the cell.
It can be equipped with a removable tray rack.

Support stand: entirely in stainless steel, it can be equipped with tray racks and wheels